Sunday, 16 September 2012

About Technosfaira

Technosphere, or Technosfaira (which means “art sphere” in Greek), is a relatively new association of visual and performing artists as well as writers, Poets and musicians in Greece. This amalgamation of various artists makes it unique in that country. The person behind it is artist Vasiliki Tampouri, whose dream it has been for many years, to have a community of artists working together to teach others how to draw, paint, write, act and so on. Technosfaira is the first step to the realization of her dream.

Network of Artists
One of the main purposes of setting up this group is to give artists of all kinds a network through which they can connect and interact with each other. They can communicate with artists they may not have known previously and have a dialogue about how they can not only promote their own work, but the work of the group as a whole.
It gives artists a platform from which they can advertise themselves and reach out to a wider public audience, and ultimately they want to educate people and share their vision of a peaceful world.

Each of the exhibitions mounted by Technosfaira or Technosphere has capitalized on the preceding ones. The first of its kind was called “The Swallows Announce a New Spring” and eighteen artists (painters) participated along with three poets and two musicians. This was in April 2011. The second, in May of the same year (only one month later) was bigger with double the number of artists, ten poets and six musicians plus a dancer/actor.  The third was held in February 2012, and the fourth in May 2012. After a break for the summer months, the fifth was held in October of the same year.
Each exhibition attracts more and more artists from all over Greece, and the association is keen to be in touch with artists, artistes, writers, poets, musicians and singers from other countries who may wish to participate in future events.

A Dream Coming True
Ms.Tampouri, the founder and president of this association, is rightly proud of her achievement of establishing Technosphere along with a core group of artist-friends, and is extremely happy that her cherished dream of a community of all artists is in its fledgling stage. She says that there is a long way to go yet before her dream comes to full maturity and is fully prepared for the hard work which she will have to do to fulfill her dream.

Economic Climate in Greece
Although the association had three exhibitions in 2012, these were held while Greece was in the throes of an economic crisis, with instability in the country and people suffering from the harsh austerity measures implemented by the Greek government. Few people can afford to spend their cash on works of art. However, as the purpose of the association is to bring Art to a wider audience, the artists involved continue to mount exhibitions, hoping to bring some light and joy to those who visit them.

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