Saturday, 5 October 2013

The 7th Exhibition of Technosfaira:  “Travelling on a Visual Arts Journey with Technosfaira”

This is the seventh exhibition of Technosfaira (“ΤΕΧΝΟΣΦΑΙΡΑ”) an association of visual, creative and performing artists.  The title of this new exhibition is “Travelling on a Visual Arts Journey with Technosfaira” (“ΤΕΧΝΟΣΦΑΙΡΑ”)
Following the success of Technosfaira’s  (Technosphere’s) fifth exhibition, held in 2012 in “Flizvos” (“ΦΛΟΙΣΒΟΣ”), a municipal building in Paleo Faliro, Athens Greece, the seventh exhibition will be held once again in this building from Saturday, 5th October 2013 until Sunday 13th October 2013. The exhibition will be open in the mornings from 10 until 1 pm and in the evenings the times are 5:30 until 9:30. Entrance is free as always.
As so far each of Technosfaira’s exhibitions has been more successful than previous ones, it is to be hoped that this exhibition will continue their success. There will be at least 80 artists taking part in this 7th exhibition and there will be different entertainment programmes in the evening. You will be entertained by musicians, singers, actors, poets and a variety of other artists, which demonstrates that Technosfaira is not just an association for painters.
On Sundays 6th and 13th October, visitors to  “Flizvos” will have an opportunity to see the artists at work. They will be demonstrating their skill outside in the yard which adjoins the building (weather permitting, of course).
On the final evening of the exhibition there will be a conversation between a psychiatrist who uses art as a way of releasing pent-up emotions and feelings, thus giving release to patients, a visual artist, poet and author. They will discuss how art can positively affect one’s personal development and how it can be beneficial to society.
The exhibition will be officially opened by the mayor of Paleo Faliro at 7:30pm on Saturday 5th October 2013.
For details and further information contact Vasiliki Tampouri the president of the association:-
The press release is courtesy of Lynne Evans

mobile number: 6973833016

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